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With our extensive experience in the industry, we hand-hold organizations right from the concept & prototyping phase, through development, launch and post-launch activities to facilitate monitoring, fine-tuning and success  for their products.

Requirements Scoping

Capturing what customer needs your product will address.

Identifying product differentiators.

Defining features that are best in class.

Determining fault  frequency targets and feature priorities. Examining cost & competitiveness of the product.

Concept & Prototyping

Feasibility studies, evaluating multiple concepts against requirements and regulations.

Avoiding project creep in terms of features, setting up an evaluation and testing plan for prototypes, critical technical inputs to avoid big changes when suppliers and vendors actually on-board.

Filtering/converting prototype testing feedback to changes in product

Homologation & Regulatory Approval

Changes at this point are most costly since its close to launch. Slip ups here lead to project & launch delays. Support to ensure all current  and upcoming regulations are met

Production and Launch

Immediate technical responses to first feedback from markets and ramp up needs.

Translating Requirements to Tech Specs

Converting business requirements and adjusting Technical Specifications, identifying hard points, platform considerations for future products & layout needs to initiate concept phase. Preliminary BOMs


Leading Technical discussions with Vendors /suppliers.

Change management - Incorporation of testing feedback, manufacturing feedback, assembly feedback, market feature changes.


Support with supplier readiness and quality.

Ensuring readiness as an aggregator for your assembly needs.

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