Automotive, Mechanical, Electro-mechanical & IT

We help you design product & process solutions to complex problems, proposing multiple concepts  for your specifications from business requirements and more.


We work to address your organizational needs with our vast range of advisory services like identifying Standard Operating Procedures, Technical Evaluations, Process Improvements and Trainings among others.



Partner with us to get analysis and research work done for Product evaluations, Benchmarking, Technical Papers 



With our extensive experience in the industry, we hand-hold organizations right from the concept & prototyping phase, through development, launch and post-launch activities to facilitate monitoring, fine-tuning and success  for their products.



Darne Analysts Private Limited is a Pune based company specializing in providing advisory and engineering services in the fields of Automotive, Mechanical, Electro-mechanical and Information Technology. With over 30+ years of combined experience in the Automotive and IT industries, our team understands that one-size DOES NOT  fit all and is dedicated to help organizations find the right solutions for their needs. Having an extensive background in steering numerous products from a simple business idea to an actual market-ready launch help, we help organisations identify and pro-actively prevent possible obstacles, recommend best in class industry practices, devise launch strategies and more.


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